Thursday, July 26, 2012

Review: The Mellow Mushroom - Myers Park

Location: Myers Park, Charlotte, NC
Price: $$
Website: Mellow Mushroom

Welcome to the first review of Family, Food & Fun.

The Mellow Mushroom, there's not too much mellow about it. It's a fun restaurant with fun decor and good food. The Mellow Mushroom is a chain and can be found in various parts of the country. If you're looking for some good food, try it.

Dad's Thoughts
Each restaurant has its own style. The Myers Park location is like a road trip to Woodstock. The decor is fun. It has a whimsical, 60's hippy feel to it. A bit trippy. Tie-dyes and swirls with giant mushrooms and a graffitied bus complete the look.

We went on a Friday night which was very busy. Parking wasn't a problem as there is underground parking. There were lots of families eating there with kids in varying ages from high chairs to teenagers. The waiters did a great job of staying aware of little kids walking in-between tables and avoiding them while keeping our drinks topped up.

Since we were eating here to review the restaurant we started with appetizers and ended with dessert. Since they were so busy it was a good thing we did start with appetizers as it took a while to get our food. The appetizers kept the hungries at bay. We started with hummus and bruschetta. Both were good. The bruschetta was made on a sesame bread which added a nutty flavor to it. The hummus was good.

I ordered the BBQ chicken pizza. It was good. The chicken isn't BBQed but it does have a nice BBQ sauce on it and the apple wood smoked bacon brings a nice smokey flavor to the pizza.

For dessert I had the key lime pie. The whipped cream was yummy and the filling was refreshing. But I could have done with a little less graham cracker crust.

Over all it was a good meal. The wait for our food was a little long but that allowed us to enjoy our appetizers and talk. It was also a very busy Friday evening and I know it doesn't usually take long t get your food.

Mom's Thoughts
I loved the decor. The lava lamps at the bar and road drawn on the floor were unexpected and fun. The bus was by far the coolest thing I've seen in a restaurant in a long time.

I ordered the teriyaki chicken salad with portobello mushrooms. The mushrooms were amazing! The chicken had good flavor but was a bit dry for my taste.

For dessert I had the cinnamon and honey pretzels. There were three hand made soft pretzels that had been dusted with cinnamon and sugar and drizzled with honey. They were very yummy and a great ending to a wonderful dinner.

Daughter's Thoughts
This restaurant is great for families with older children. There are kid's menus and balloon animal makers for younger children too. I would rate it 4 flips for families. I really enjoyed the food. The hummus appetizer and the bruschetta was amazing! My Mellow Mushroom hoggie was great, but I could have gone without the bean sprouts. The half baked sundae supreme wasn’t all that impressive. The brownie was too rich for my taste and the idea wasn't very creative. I would rate the food 3 and a half flips. Overall, I had a great time.I would rate the restaurant 4 and a half flips.

Final Thoughts
Overall we enjoyed the food and fun at the Mellow Mushroom. The decor is exciting and vibrant, the food is yummy, the prices are reasonable and the waiters are great.

The overall fun of the Mellow Mushroom gets 4 flips.
The family friendliness gets 4 1/2 flips.
The food 4 flips.

Overall we give the Mellow Mushroom a solid 4 flips and we look forward to visiting again. Mellow Mushroom on Urbanspoon


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